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Meghan Markle’s Most Wanted Shoes

Whose shoes are those? “That was yesterday the most repeated question in every photo of Meghan Markle hanging on the networks, and so, in a matter of seconds and thanks to the work and grace of the” Meghan effect “, Tamara Mellon’s Paramour The future duchess of Sussex went to the Commonwealth Forum wearing high suede and double bracelet stilettos of the British designer, gesture that the designer celebrated on her Instagram account, thanking the royal election and emphasizing that the shoes It was his signature in each account that hung the already famous look of the exactriz.A vindication of the authorship a priori strange but explicable if we inquire into the past of the creator.To her the emblematic footwear brand Jimmy owed his birth Choo, who founded with Choo himself in 1996 and left, with some discomfort, in 2011. It was the British, in her time as fashion editor, who captured the talent of Jimmy Choo as a shoe maker. he laughed to create a brand under the promise that they would become “immensely rich” and appointed Sandra Choi, Choo’s niece, creative director of the firm; since he still holds.

In 2013, the businesswoman decided to create her namesake brand. Same year in which he launched a controversial autobiographical book in which, according to his testimony, Jimmy Choo’s success belongs to her. After some complex years, in 2016 the firm Tamara Mellon experienced a relaunch and it seems that since Meghan has included her in his select list, the definitive impulse will arrive.

“Our shoes were the favorites of Diana of Wales,” Mellon says in her memoirs, referring to the devotion that Lady Di felt for the Jimmy Choo designs, which she used to wear frequently. Will the Tamara Mellons become Meghan favorites? For now, networks are being highly acclaimed.


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