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Is this heel the most comfortable in history?

Generation Z knows the stylistic power of stilettos, but his shoemaker is full of slippers. Not even the trends are capable of making twenty-year-olds give up comfort, but Karl Lagerfeld has found a new formula for climbing them on Chanel heels. Step number one is to choose Kaia Gerber as the muse of the parade, an effective technique to get your proposals to flood the social networks, the universe where this generation lives. Step number two (and the one that will truly achieve success) is to make a proposition that you can not refuse. A pair of high-heeled shoes that are as comfortable as your sneakers and, in addition, emanate Chanel’s unmistakable DNA in every seam? Yes, they exist. Comfort and beauty are not always at odds and that is what the house has just shown in its haute couture fashion show. Although it is a proposal for Spring / Summer 2018, the shoes chosen by Karl Lagerfeld have not been sandals or sneakers, as he did in previous collections, but boots and booties with a heel as nice as comfortable.

In tweed, pastel-colored leather or with acharolado finish, all the different models have a common element: a methacrylate wedge heel (a material similar to the one that was already the protagonist of Chanel’s latest ready-to-wear collection) that meet the three conditions that podiatrists recommend for a high-heeled shoe does not damage the feet, thus ending the myth that a nice footwear is, by definition, uncomfortable. Karl Lagerfeld seems to have heard the recommendations of most of the podiatrists, in which they advise that it is best to wear a shoe that has a last that fits the natural width of the foot, whose heel does not exceed five centimeters in height, which is wide and, if it is wedge shaped, much better . The kaiser has chosen for its models a methacrylate heel that meets all these conditions. Of course, without losing the elegance or femininity that always characterize the designs of the firm.


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