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Every cowboy in his shoe?

That of cowboys and women is a love story, since Levi Straus patents them in 1873, jeans have been the basic par excellence. Boyfriend style, flared, broken, skinny … there is a cowboy for each one. As well as making a dictionary according to the types of design and the tonalities.

As you know the combinations are endless because denim is the most versatile fabric, it really combines with everything and maybe that’s why the tricks to carry out jeans with style are the perfect way to do it through the accessories.

This season has no fixed only in the trends but in the combinations that most favor you. Gigi very often combines this cut with boot effect second skin and also sock type. In his closet, this is Sandro’s wash effect model and Stuart Weitzman’s season booty. His trick: to combine the shoes in tune with the coat in basic colors such as white, beige and black. Boot in elastic skin of the media, Clinger model by Stuart Weitzman. Now on sale at 30% discount for 417 euros.


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